Parental Control Configurations Including Content Filtering

When we have kids we know we have to provide boundaries.

We can make management of laptops, chromebooks, phones, XBoxes, desktops, PlayStations, Apple TVs, Rokus, smart televisions, and any other networked device in your home easy.  You no longer have to be afraid of the technology that our kids have.

We can create a system that can be as broad or as focused as your parenting style dictates.

Want the internet off for Johnny at 8pm and Lucy at 9pm.  We do that.

Want to give Takesha an extra hour because she was extra good?  We can teach you how.

These are systems that you can grow with your children as their experience and maturity allows.

These controls are applicable to your child’s first technology device through adulthood

Want to know what sites your kids are surfing while they are on the internet?  We do that too.